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Voyan Beauty Center

A friendly, contemporary and welcoming salon, Voyan provides a wide range of beauty treatments and therapies to help you feel pampered and relaxed. Voyan Beauty Salon is owned by qualified and experienced Beauty/Health Therapists. Our Saloon stocks a wide range of beauty products and essentials from Skincare, Nailcare, Make-Up and many more – all to compliment the treatments and services we offer in the salon. With large, modern, luxurious treatment rooms and plenty of peace and quiet, we provide the perfect environment for you to relax and unwind.

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Check our services below

hair treatment

Hair Wash
Hair Cut
Hair Style
Blow Drying
Hair Color
Oil Treatment
Honey Treatment
Hair Spa
Perm, Relaxi, Highlight

1 BD
3-5 BD
20 BD
3-10 BD
5-15-20 BD
3 BD
5 BD
5 BD
10-20 BD

Hair Straightening
Hair Henna
Hair Wave
Bride Hair
Hair Oil
Aloe Vera Treatment

Hand henna

3-6 BD
3-8 BD
8-15 BD
8-15 BD
20-30 BD
3-4 BD
5-10 BD  

body treatment

Bridal Makeup
Fully Bride
Face Massage

3 BD (sp6)
3 BD (sp6)
20 BD
15-25 BD
60 BD
150 BD
10-12 BD
3 BD

Foot Massage
Full Massage
Ginger Massage
Massage with Steam
Gold Mask
Face Mask
Nail Fexing
Nail Polish

3 BD
10 BD
12 BD
12 BD
10-20 BD
2-3 BD
3-5-10 BD
2-3 BD


Paraffin Treatment
Detox Treatment
Face Cupping
Entire Body
Arms & Underarms

10 BD
10 BD
8 BD
6-10 BD
3 BD
1 BD
3 BD

Full Face
Upper Lips
Face Wax
Face Bleach
Eyebrows Bleach
Eyebrows Color

3 BD
1-1.5 BD
5 BD
5 BD
2 BD
2 BD